James Barkley

“You’re Gonna Love Me”
Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Summer 2022.

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, September 11, 2021.


“Manhattan Moments”
Manhattan, New York, NY. Ongoing series 2022— 


“Low Tide”
East Boston, Massachusetts, 2020.

As Covid19 continues to strip away constancy from our daily lives, other truths about our lives are being discovered.

East Boston, better known as “Eastie,” is surrounded by the majesty of the Boston Harbor. Resplendent, innovative, mighty.  And as the sun begins to set, the dusky hours of low tide reveal the hidden layers of harbor, and denizen. I set out to capture this cultural chiaroscuro of my neighborhood, under the light of our “new normal,” pandemic society.

Resident portraits and environmental studies comprise this series in which I continue to explore the ideas of “time” and “place.”